The Enneagram 2 Personality

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Enneagram 2 Personality

Discover everything you should know about the Enneagram 2 personality type, also known as The Helper or The Giver by reading this blog!

What Does It Mean To Be An Enneagram 2?

To be an enneagram 2 means you were raised to be selfless and giving. You struggle the most with self-sacrificing for the sake of others’ needs. Your core desire to serve and give leads you to not know your desires and repress your own needs.

The Enneagram 2 Personality
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What Does It Mean To Be An Enneagram 2?

If you are an enneagram two, you are known as The Helper or The Giver. You are selfless, empathic, and nurturing. As a 2, your core desire is to help others because, in childhood, you were taught that you had to be selfless to be wanted.

Enneagram 2 Description

The enneagram type two is known as The Helper or The Giver. The 2 are characterized by their selflessness, empathy, and nurturing role they take on. If you are a 2, your core desire is to help others because, in childhood, you were taught that you had to be selfless to be wanted.

Traits of an Enneagram 2

What are the traits of an Enneagram 2? The Enneagram 2 personality commonly appears warm, giving, selfless, and attentive to others’ needs.

As females, 2s can be labeled as the “mom friend” of the group for their warm and caring nature. As males, 2s are somewhat of chameleons where they shift their persona to be liked by whomever they are talking to.

At their core, type 2 wants to help others as much as possible, you can find these people holding the door open for strangers, being a listening ear, or asking if anyone needs their help everywhere they go.

Your wings also play a huge factor in your behavior because your wings determine your behavior. To read our blog on the 2’s wings, click here.

More of a listener than a reader? Watch our video on the Enneagram 2’s wings here!

Enneagram 2 In Stress

What Does An Enneagram 2 Look Like in Stress?

A stressed enneagram 2 is angry, withdrawn, and self-sacrificing. They take on the negative traits of the Enneagram 8 and become aggressive or controlling in their approach to serving others. A normally warm type 2 in stress becomes bitter that no one had given to them to the degree they have given to others.

Each enneagram type has specific signs that they are under stress! They take on the negative traits of a different number of stress.

The warm and helpful type 2 becomes angry, self-sacrificing, and guarded when they are stressed.

Enneagram 2 In Stress

Because they have the core desire to give, oftentimes type 2 will take this too far and forgo all of their own needs to take care of others’ needs. This leads type 2 to become bitter because they expect people to take care of them, rather than them taking care of themselves.

The 2, in short, take on the negative traits of type 8 in stress by becoming aggressive, blunt, and controlling in their approach to giving.

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Enneagram 2 In Growth

What Does An Enneagram 2 Look Like in Growth?

The Enneagram 2 in growth incorporates individuality, creativity, and self-empowerment into their being. They take on the healthy traits of the Enneagram 4 by recognizing their needs, pursuing their desires, and speaking their thoughts.

Each enneagram type has specific signs that they are in a healthy state of growth! They take on the positive traits of a different number in growth.

Enneagram 2 In Growth

When the Enneagram 2 steps into their growth, they are still helpful and giving but they also learn to set boundaries, take care of themselves, and pursue their desires.

Type 2 embraces the healthy parts of type 4 in growth by discovering their individuality. They know their opinions, beliefs, and values. A 2 in growth can identify what they think, feel, need, and want instead of focusing on what everyone else needs or wants.

Get my top self-care tips for the Enneagram 2!

Enneagram 2 Common Mistypes

Some of the Enneagram types are very similar to one another. This is why it’s important to take your time and learn about each type before you type yourself!

Enneagram 9 and 2 Mistype
Read our blog on the enneagram mistypes.

If you think you might be an enneagram 2, you should look into popular mistypes for the 2. Commonly, type 2s can see themselves as 9s because both are easygoing and caring. Enneagram 4s can also see themselves as 2s because the 4 becomes like the 2 in stress.

One other common mistype for 2s in the 6. Both these types want to protect others.

Find out more about the Enneagram 2’s common mistypes in this blog

Enneagram 2 Subtypes

In the enneagram, there are three variations of each type called Instinctual Subtypes.

These 3 subtypes are determined by the 3 major survival instincts we operate on.

Enneagram 2 The Helper Personality
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The SX Enneagram 2 (Sexual 2)

The SX 2 subtype seeks to merge with a person. Their desire to serve is combined with a need for intimacy. So they try to make themselves appear as selfless and attractive as possible to be valued by their partner. They not only seek out a romantic partner, but they also simply seek one-on-one attention and affirmation. This is the most prideful of the 2’s subtypes.

The SP Enneagram 2 (Self-Preserving 2)

The Self-preservation subtype makes any enneagram type subtly quieter and more reserved due to the desire to preserve the self. SP 2s tend to be very shy and focus on self-indulgence through food, stimulus, or comfort. This subtype in many ways can see themselves as an Enneagram 9. This type 2 will keep to themselves more and want to appear as harmless as possible.

The SO Enneagram 2 (Social 2)

The SO 2 wants to appear influential. This subtype can be drawn to big groups and helping communities. SO type 2s aren’t necessarily the loudest subtype. The SO signifies that they want to be valuable and merge with groups. These people can end up being workaholics or take on the role of “protector” over others to maintain their value to them.

What The Enneagram 2 Needs To Hear // Dear 2

What An Enneagram 2 Needs To Hear

Dear Enneagram 2s, we are sorry that we made you believe you were only valued for the things you gave and the service you offered. You are enough exactly as you are. And you should get to authentically own who you are, your needs, and your desires.

Enneagram 2 Romantic Compatibility

Who is an Enneagram 2 Compatible With?

The Enneagram 2 will get along the most with Enneagram 9s when it comes to relationships. These types have similar qualities to the enneagram 2 and are positive like the 2. Other common types to pair with the enneagram 2 are 5s and 6s.

The enneagram type 2 will be drawn towards other types that maintain a positive attitude and allow them to serve.

Enneagram 2 Personality
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Commonly, the enneagram 2 will seek out type 9s who are easygoing and accept the type 2 exactly as they are. However, 2s can commonly also enjoy the company of 5s (depending on the subtype) because both can be straightforward and factual.

Enneagram 2 could also potentially be drawn to enneagram 6s because both these types are very protective and want order.

Find out more about the Enneagram 2 Compatibility (coming soon)

Best Careers For An Enneagram 2

Because the Enneagram 2’s core desire is to serve, type 2 does great in teaching or service roles. Especially ones where they can utilize their empathy healthily.

Potentially fulfilling careers for the 2 would be…

  • Teacher
  • Caretaker
  • Nurse
  • First responder
  • Any service role
  • Veterinarians
What Are the Best Careers For An Enneagram 2

Enneagram 2 seeks out a career that values their hard work and will find fulfillment the more they serve others. They make great Teachers, Caretakers, First Responders, Coaches, and Veterinarians.

What questions do you still have about the Enneagram 2? Let me know in the comments below!

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