Enneagram 1 In Stress & Growth

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Enneagram 1 In Stress And Growth

What is the stress and growth of the enneagram 1? Find out in this blog where we break down the enneagram type 1’s stress and growth numbers!

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What Is Enneagram Stress And Growth?

As you probably know, the enneagram is shaped like a clock with lines connecting each number to 2 others. These lines represent our stress and growth. When we are in stress, we take on the behaviors of a different type and in growth, we take on the behaviors of another.

Our enneagram type does not change as we move between stress and growth. Our core desire remains the same however, how we try to fulfill our core desire changes based on whether we are in a stressed state or our growth.

The Enneagram In Stress and Growth
Here’s a visual of what the enneagram looks like. Each line represents our stress and growth.

The Enneagram Grows Both Ways!

We are supposed to grow towards both numbers that our enneagram type is connected to, taking on the healthy aspects of both types. And vice versa, we can be stressed and take on the behaviors of either number we are connected to but there is a number that we need to reach into for more growth and one we reach more easily in stress.

In this blog, we are covering what the stress and growth numbers of the enneagram 1 are including signs that you are in stress, signs you are in growth, and how to step into your growth. Enjoy!

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Enneagram 1 Overview

The enneagram type one is called The Perfectionist. Your core desire is for things to be perfect.

Common traits of a 1 are…

  • Organized
  • Practical
  • Hard-working
  • Responsible
  • Moral
  • Principled
  • Diplomatic
  • Idealistic
  • Discipline
  • Orderly

As a 1, your core desire comes from the fear that you are the only one in the world who will uphold perfection. Breaking the rules and winging it is likely not in your vocabulary.

Enneagram 1 In Stress
This is what the type 1 looks like in stress.

Enneagram 1 In Stress

In stress, enneagram 1 takes on the negative traits of enneagram 4, The Individualist.

The normally calm and orderly type 1 becomes hyper-critical and bitter. Instead of using their strong sense of idealism to create a better world, they become fixated on all the imperfections around them and aggressively try to fix them.

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Enneagram 1s are meant to be organizers, executives, someone who bring people together with their gift of diplomacy and systemization. But an enneagram 1 in stress believes that they are the only ones who are keeping things in order, burn out, and take on all of the responsibilities of the world.

As the enneagram 1 is part of the Anger Triad, anger is the trigger for type 1s to go into stress, specifically, anger that they seem to be the only ones that care.

The type 1s core desire is moral rightness whether that’s in their community, work space, or family. It is good for 1s to want this, they need it. But this becomes expressed negatively when they go into their type 4 stress, they take on the role of the “Executioner,” ruthlessly righting wrongs, even the small ones, and letting their inner critic take the lead.

Enneagram 1 Stress Growth Comparison
Take a look at the short description for Enneagram 1 stress and growth

A great example I like to think of for type 1 in stress is Batman. A vigilante who goes about bringing justice through violence and force. A common theme with Batman is that he believes he’s the only one who will save the city.

This reflects the Enneagram 1 mindset when they are under stress. When the 1 moves into the negative aspects of the 4, they see themselves as the only one to uphold justice in the world.

Signs You Are An Enneagram 1 In Stress…

  • Hyper-critical
  • Aggressive
  • Impatient
  • Small messes bother you deeply
  • You find yourself playing the role of “judge” often
  • Frequently correcting others
  • You feel a deep-rooted resentment
  • Unnecessary reorganization
  • Systemizing everything to reduce anxiety
  • Struggling to silence the inner critic in your head
  • Perfectionism
  • You feel like everyone else is lazy
  • Emotionally distant

Type 1 goes into stress by having their childhood wound triggered. A situation happens (, or many situations) where their childhood belief of “I have to be perfect to be loved” is brought back to the surface and so they go into hyper-critical mode to avoid being abandoned.

Should type 1s avoid situations entirely where this belief may get triggered? No, that would be ridiculous. Mindfulness is key here. If we can notice when our childhood beliefs get triggered and pay attention to the negative behaviors that we start using in reaction to them, then we can start healing ourselves and work on stepping into growth.

Enneagram 1 In Growth
So what does growth look like for Enneagram 1?

Enneagram 1 In Growth

In growth, the enneagram 1 takes on the positive traits of the enneagram 7, The Enthusiast.

The orderly and perfectionist type 1 embraces light-heartedness, fun, and, most importantly, playfulness. An enneagram 1 in growth learns that they deserve to relax, enjoy life, and trust.

The best word to describe type 1’s growth is surrender.

A 1 in growth surrenders control over unimportant things. They surrender to imperfection and find deeper relaxation.

Enneagram 1 Stress And Growth Comparison
These are some signs that you are in stress and growth, enneagram 1.

Type 1s have leadership and organization skills like no other, but it takes them stepping into their growth number of type 7, relaxing their grip on things, and letting themselves enjoy life to use their talents to the fullest.

An enneagram 1 in growth also learns to reintegrate their inner child. Type 1s tend to hide their playfulness, thinking that they must be “mature adults” and that “play” is just for children.

But in their growth number of the 7, enneagram 1s know that integrating their inner child is valuable and needed. In doing so, an enneagram 1 becomes playful, free, relaxed, and finds more joy in life.

Signs You Are An Enneagram 1 In Growth…

  • Playful
  • Relaxed
  • Releasing control
  • Prioritizing what matters
  • Creative hobbies
  • You make time to simply “be” with people
  • Take care of your health
  • The inner critic is silenced
  • Imperfections don’t get to you as much
  • Compassion (both for yourself and others)
  • Not playing the role of “judge”
  • Close connections
Enneagram 1 Growth Tips
Here are some important growth tips for type 1!

Stepping Into Growth As An Enneagram 1

So how can we move from stress and growth as an enneagram 1? To 1s, this growth number can sound ridiculous. “You want me to be an irresponsible and childish 7? Someone’s gotta be the adult!”

We think that our growth number means that we have to forgo our personality but this is not the truth. Type 1s, you are meant to be your orderly and protective self and it would be ridiculous to ask you to be any different!

Remember that growth for you, type 1, isn’t just about the actions you do, it’s about the mindset you embrace.

We can often think we are stepping into our enneagram’s growth number by doing different things in our reality when, in fact, we are just avoiding change.

While the Enneagram 1’s growth is about releasing control and being playful in general, the deeper part of the Perfectionists’ growth is about learning to see life as something you get to enjoy.

The core of type 1’s growth means learning to see the world past the paradigm of “manage and maintain order,” and start seeing it through the lens of “enjoy and explore.”

While having an order is necessary for your fulfillment, start noticing when you believe that’s all you’re here for.

A healthy 1 learns to recognize when they are feeling like a control freak and say “Okay, I recognize how I am being a perfectionist right now because it makes me feel in control. What would make me feel truly alive today? How can I find more playfulness?”

Try recognizing any time you start using your perfectionist nature to repress your feelings and focus on cultivating a feeling of heart-centeredness.

Step into your growth, and do this Enneagram 1 guided meditation!

Type 1 can embrace their growth by being creative, dancing, meditating on their feelings, and doing anything else that makes them feel playful.

Permit yourself to be human and make the most of your human experience.

When you are stressed and resentful, ask yourself “What do I wish someone would do for me? How can I do it for myself”

How do you step into growth as an enneagram 1? Let us know in the comments. Hope this blog helped you understand the stress and growth of the enneagram 1!

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