Empowered Warriors Webinar
Empowered Warriors Webinar

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Hosted By:

Robyn Robledo, Empowerment coach, mindset, self empowerment, Making Mindfulness Fun

Robyn Robledo

Empowerment Leader & Health Coach

I help you break free of the subconscious programming that told you to fit in, self sacrifice, follow the rules, and to stop rocking the boat.

After excelling in high school and getting a full scholarship to college, she opened her own business at age 20 teaching gymnastics and personal training.

By the time her 5th child turned one she was tired of the grind. She wanted to have fun and chase experience through newness & time outdoors.

So, she bought a surf board and taught herself to surf. Soon, this passion for being outdoors and challenging herself led to rock climbing and inspired her to move the family into an RV and full time travel.

This lifestyle created a ton of memories but more importantly, it led to a lot of time spent in reflection. Mindfulness and self growth became the underlying theme of travel, adventure, and raising kids.

Through studying yoga, mediation, and personality typing, she has created a framework to teach others how to play to their strengths, pursue their dreams, & live boldly so you can feel like a total badass in life & wake up to a life filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Gabi Robledo, Flow state coach, consciousness, Making Mindfulness Fun

Gabi Robledo

Flow State & Mindset Coach

Using a mind, body, spirit approach, Gabi uses her Flow State Warrior framework to help people overcome limiting beliefs, particularly around worthiness, so they can live a life of more fulfillment, purpose, and personal power.

Gabi grew up with a very unconventional lifestyle living in an RV and traveling the world with her family since the age of 14. In spending the majority of her high school years out in the wilderness, climbing, surfing, and hiking with her family, she naturally discovered what it took to lead an intrinsically fulfilling life.

At the age of 16, she co-founded the blog, Nomads With A Purpose, which has grown to be a multi-media adventure travel & wellness brand with over 70 thousand readers per month, and has evolved to become a mindset coach for athletes and adventurers.

Gabi aims to help people unlock their inner warrior.  She believes everyone has the spirit of a warrior within them, and when you unlock that version of yourself, you feel innately worthy in every area of your life, allowing you to pursue your biggest dreams and greatest desires.

This webinar is for you if…

You want to feel…

  • More vibrant and ENERGETIC every day
  • Like you’re ready to stop holding the weight of your fear and anxiety
  • Liberated from your limitations & traumas
  • & You want to feel like you CAN create anything you want in your life!

What We’ll Be Covering:

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Why you’re NOT a victim to the external world (including regulations, monetary structures, and mandates)

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The way society has hacked our brains for negative emotions & how YOU can OVERRIDE the program

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Actual scientific evidence of your ability to CREATE your dream life

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Proven method to overcome your limitations and start living in joy EVERY SINGLE DAY

This Webinar Is For You If

In the last year, you’ve thought to yourself things like…

  • I feel alone in my beliefs about the world
  • I’m frustrated by what’s happening to my communities and family
  • I feel trapped with no great options
  • I’m angry that certain regulations and rules are being imposed
  • I feel hopeless that I won’t get to travel again

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  • Liberate your limitations and past traumas
  • & Learn how you CAN create anything you want in your life!