Best Crystals For Kids

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Best Crystals For Kids

Want to get some crystals for your kids to use in their mindfulness or meditation practice? Read this blog for the best crystals for kids!

Kids love crystals. Getting a selection of crystals is a cheap and easy meditation tool for kids. They enjoy getting to pick which one they will use for their meditation.

Choosing A Crystal For Your Kids

One of the biggest concerns about buying crystals for your kids, especially if you have younger children, is making sure they aren’t a choking hazard.

A secondary factor in choosing crystals for kids is the intention. Each crystal helps you with certain emotional and physical needs.

A kid won’t necessarily need a crystal that will help them manifest wealth. But they would benefit from a crystal that promotes confidence, anxiety relief, self-love, or focus.

Getting a small selection of these crystals can help kids be excited to meditate, do yoga, and practice mindfulness. Crystals can also serve as a centering tool for children to carry throughout their day.

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What To Avoid When Buying Crystals For Kids

Avoid websites that don’t openly state that their crystals are authentic. A lot of websites claim to sell “crystals” but in reality, they are just dyed plastics or glass.

Avoid small crystals that could be choking hazards. Usually, websites give multiple-size options when purchasing crystals.

Avoid getting plain and simple crystals. Some kids will find a simple crystal comforting and enjoyable but you can also get crystal jewelry, pendants, lamps, and more that kids will love way more than a simple rock!

Best Crystals For Kids
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Best Crystals For Kids

So without further ado, here are the best crystals for kids!


Amethyst is connected to the Third Eye Chakra and will help overthinkers greatly. This is a stone of spirituality and intuition. It helps us maintain mental clarity and discover our intentions. If your child feels mentally scattered from spending time on devices or overthinks a lot, Amethyst is a great crystal for them.

Key Healing Properties Of Amethyst

  • Promotes peace of mind
  • Helps us see duality
  • Connects us to the divine
  • Awakens the sixth sense

This crystal is known primarily for helping one connect with their intuition. Kids fall in love with the vivid purple color of this stone and it helps them stay focused during their mindfulness practice!

Amethyst can come in very small sizes so here are 4 great amethyst products.

First, this Amethyst lamp. The crystal is still slightly small which might not be ideal. But kids will love how the lamp makes this crystal glow and it can act as their night light!

Second, try one of the following two Amethyst bracelets.

This first bracelet had bigger Amethyst crystals in the center that kids find comforting to fidget with. These four raw chunks of Amethyst on the bracelet are said to be “the sleep protectors.” Great for kids to sleep with!

If your child is sensitive to textures, this bracelet is a less jagged and more simplistic-looking option!

This Amethyst bracelet comes in different sizes to fit your child’s wrist. It’s perfect for them to wear as they go about their day to remember to stay calm and centered.

And finally, you can keep it simple and just get a larger-sized amethyst crystal that can be held, placed on a shelf, or carried with your child wherever they go.

If you get this crystal, get the medium or large size to avoid a choking hazard.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz helps children maintain clarity and positivity. It helps the Heart Chakra by maintaining a positive frequency and clearing away negative energy and thoughts.

Key Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

  • Brings love into your reality
  • Enhances clarity
  • Promotes positivity
  • Helps you focus your energy on what you desire and avoid distraction

This crystal has the power to elevate your child’s frequency. If your child feels like low frequencies of sadness, shame, pain, or worry weigh them down, this crystal will help them easily embody love, joy, and peace.

If you want to help your child feel cleared of negative feelings, this is a great crystal for them!

The first way you can give your child clear quartz is with this lamp!

Use it as a nightlight in their bedroom or turn it on as you meditate in the dark. This lamp bring clarity and positivity to the room!

You can also get them a clear quartz necklace that they can wear and keep close to them when they go to school.

The chain is extremely comfortable on this crystal pendant and the crystal is easy to keep hidden under a shirt. This clear quartz necklace helps relieve mental turmoil and amplify healing.

Or, if your child is writing often, you can get them this 2-pack pen set which includes 1 clear quartz crystal pen that will help them stay positive when they are stressed and bring positive energy to themselves when they write!

Tigers Eye

The best crystal to help a child with confidence will be Tiger’s Eye. Nicknamed “the Shapeshifter,” Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of empowerment that helps you charge any obstacle and protect you from evil.

Key Healing Properties Of Tiger’s Eye

  • Empowers confidence
  • Protects from evil
  • Helps you embrace inner strength
  • Self-empowerment

Tiger’s eye helps your child become strong and grounded so they can charge toward their goals fearlessly. When holding this crystal, kids feel brave and ready to take on any challenge. If your child struggles with confidence, this is the crystal they need.

Empower your child’s confidence by carrying these Tiger’s Eye Self-Belief Hearts!

These hearts come in 2 different sizes, both of which could be choking hazards for small children but these smooth tiger eye crystals are easy for your child to tuck into their pocket as they go about their day.

You can also get them a tiger eye bracelet that they can wear throughout their day. This crystal bracelet comes with all three color variations of tiger’s eye.

This tiger’s eye bracelet comes in two different sizes.


Sodalite is especially beneficial for children. This crystal promotes honesty and openness.

Key Healing Properties Of Sodalite

  • Helps you express yourself without fear
  • Connects you to what you need to say
  • Helps you trust yourself
  • Helps sensitive souls see beauty in the world amidst conflict

This crystal inspires a child’s self-expression and helps them see things. It brings an understanding of difficult situations and encourages sound decision-making.

If your child has trouble expressing themselves, knowing what they are feeling, dealing with conflict, or knowing how they feel, this crystal is perfect for them.

The first way a child can hold sodalite is with this sodalite necklace!

Help your child express themselves and avoid emotional turmoil.

Or carry sodalite in the form of a bracket. When you get this 4 bracelet set, you get an Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone, and Sodalite bracelet.

Black Tourmaline

Perfect for anxious and fearful children, Black Tourmaline is a protector stone that guards the wearer against negative energies and relieves them of fear.

Key Healing Properties Of Black Tourmaline

  • Helps one feel grounded
  • Protects you against EMF radiation
  • Relieves one of their worries
  • Makes one feel safe

Black Tourmaline is greatly helpful and protecting kids from EMF radiation and with how much school work can be done online nowadays, this is greatly beneficial for them.

This crystal also releases anxiety in children. So if your child is a worrier, has a lot of negative thoughts, and needs more calm in their life, this is the perfect crystal for them.

Get the “Keep Me Safe” Gem drop pendant to ward off negative energies your child might interact with every day.

This crystal pendant is small and comfortable for kids to wear.

Or get this Bracelet of Protection that has black tourmaline and golden obsidian.

Work on releasing your child’s anxiety and charging your root chakra by wearing this black tourmaline bracelet!

There you have it! Those are the best crystals for kids What are your child’s favorite crystals? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the blog.

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