Top 20 Confidence Affirmations For Kids

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Confidence Affirmations For Kids

What is a confidence affirmation for kids anyhow? Let me tell you, it’s not just repeating “I am awesome.” In this blog, I’m sharing the top confidence affirmation for kids! These are the best affirmations for kids that will build their self-confidence, inspire their creativity, make them feel empowered, and embrace their self-expression!

What Is A Confidence Affirmation?

An affirmation, also known as a mantra, is a phrase that you repeatedly say or memorize that helps kids affirm any belief they desire!

Whether you want to help a child feel more present, safe, confident, empowered, beautiful, or brave, a positive affirmation will train your child’s brain to believe any positive thing about themselves.

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Why Are Confidence Affirmations Helpful For Kids?

When we are children, our brains are like sponges. It will take in any information it is presented with. While this is an amazing thing, it also makes it easy for kids to believe negative things about themselves and have insecurity as they grow up.

That is where affirmations come in! Confidence affirmations are what help kids undo those negative beliefs. They replace them with empowering beliefs about themselves instead so they can feel confident!

The only problem is, that you have to find an affirmation that rings true to them and applies to what they truly need. Kids don’t want to repeat “I am worthy of love” if they don’t normally think otherwise. So without further ado, here are the top 20 confidence affirmations for kids!

Best Confidence Affirmations For Kids
These are only the best of the best confidence affirmations…

Top 20 Confidence Affirmations For Kids

“I choose to make myself happy today!” 

A powerful positive affirmation for children’s confidence! This mantra will shift kids’ mindset from waiting for happiness to happen to them to choosing happiness and making themselves happy.

“I am shooting for the stars”

Remind your kids that they can dream big and do anything with this positive affirmation for confidence! 

“I am full of so much creativity” 

At some point, all kids feel like we have to be perfect instead of creative and we lose our spark. Use this mantra to help kids come back to their creativity!

“I am proud of myself”

Hang this positive affirmation up for your kids to affirm that they are amazing and that they should be proud of themselves

Best Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Think of the song from Nacho Libre when you see this mantra. 😂

“I am” 

This positive affirmation is for kids’ confidence in its simplicity. “I am” simply states that I exist and that’s all I need to do. “I am” and that’s all need to be.

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“Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bavantu”

This is a popular Sanskrit mantra that means “May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free.” A perfect positive affirmation for kids and great during meditation.

“I express myself and I am heard” 

A great throat chakra mantra. I use this one a lot even now! 

“I release any of my anger and choose peace” 

For the angry children out there! Have them memorize this positive affirmation to help them relax when someone gets on their nerves.

Best Confidence Affirmations For Kids Grouding
This confidence affirmation reminds your kids that they are grounded in the earth and that they are grounded in themselves.

“I am grounded”

Grounding affirmations are super important for a kid’s confidence. It grounds them in the present and teaches them to be aware of how they feel physically.  

“I am a warrior”

Positive affirmation for kids’ confidence should also make them feel strong. This affirmation will do just that!

Confidence Mantras For Kids
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“Being myself is awesome!!”

And it’s so important for them to be so!!

“I am important”

A reminder for kids that they are valued, they are loved, and they are seen. 

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“I share my love with the world”

This positive affirmation helps kids raise their energy and remember that, in the end, they are simply pure love.

“I am the happiest version of myself ”

A positive affirmation of a kid’s confidence that encourages happiness is super beneficial! This is one of my favorites to use with kids.

Best Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Kids need to start seeing themselves as the heroes they are!

“I am the hero of my story”

This positive affirmation is great for kid’s confidence! Encourage them to see themselves as the hero they are!

“I can fail and get up again”

A lot of kids think failure isn’t a good thing but that’s not true! Failure is okay and helps us grow.

Confidence Affirmations For Kids

“I am stronger than I know”

Kids don’t realize the amount of strength they have sometimes! This positive affirmation restores kids’ confidence in themselves!

“If I can dream it, I can achieve it!”

This mantra is a favorite of my students. This is a mantra that inspires kids to follow their dreams.

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“I believe in my capabilities”

Kids have to believe that they’re capable of anything! This mantra will undo any beliefs kids have that they are incapable of doing things.

“I can and I will”

Keep this mantra in their homework or remind them of it when they are taking on a challenge. 

There you have it! The best positive affirmations for kids’ confidence!  Read this list of affirmations out to your child and see which one they like. Remember, for the affirmation to influence your child, it has to ring true to THEM.

Where Do I Put my Kid's Confidence Affirmation
Where will your kids see their affirmation the most?

Where Do I Put My Kid’s Positive Affirmation To Build Their Confidence?

You want to put their confidence affirmation somewhere they will see it often or where they will need their mantra the most. Some common places are to write it on a sticky note and stick it to a mirror, in their school binder, on a bookmark, or a coloring that hangs up in their room!

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What is your child’s favorite affirmation of confidence? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading.

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Confidence Affirmation For Kids
Top 20 Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Confidence Mantras For Kids
Confidence Mantras For Kids
Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Confidence Affirmations For Kids
Best Confidence Affirmations For Kids

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