Capricorn Full Moon 2022 Horoscope: Discipline Is Rewarded

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Full Moon In Capricorn July 2022

On July 13th, 2022 at 2:37 PM ET, We have a Full Moon occurring at 21° in Capricorn. Find out all about the full moon and read your signs horoscope for the Capricorn Full Moon this 2022!

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The Full Moon In Capricorn

The Capricorn full moon is all about long-term goals and drive. Any forgotten goals and dreams will be illuminated and you’ll feel a great sense of desire to achieve them.

Our new moon in Cancer helped us act on feeling, now we act from discipline and determination.

This full moon happening in exactly 21°20’ in Capricorn is bringing an ending and completion to our career and ambitions. Wherever we’ve been seeking success will reach a culmination.

Capricorn Full Moon July 13th 2022
This 2022 Capricorn Full Moon is rewarding us for staying disciplined…

Capricorn Full Moon Trine North Node In Taurus

This Capricorn Full Moon forms a trine with the North Node in Taurus. North Node in Taurus asks us to grow into more self-sustainability, inner grounding, and self-value. During this full moon, we can feel more supported in this growth journey.

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Capricorn + Hard Work  

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Both this planet and this archetype represent responsibility, hard work, and effort. During this full moon, any hard work we put in will be rewarding, we can find a boost in determination, and we can be re-inspired to go for our goals.

The question to ask ourselves at this time is, where have you been putting effort in? Is it time for you to receive the recognition you deserve? What are your goals? What goals have you accomplished?

In the end, this 2022 Full Moon In Capricorn wants us to be driven, keep working hard, be responsible, and set aligned goals.

Scroll down to discover your July 2022 Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope.

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What Is A Full Moon?

Full moons bring culminations, finales, wholeness, and completion. It’s a time of harvest but also when anything hidden or repressed comes to light. A full moon is when the Moon and Sun are in the exact opposite position, making the moon fully visible to the human eye. In astrology, the full moon is the end of a cycle that lasts 2 weeks when we then have another new moon.

Full moons are a great time to reap rewards and they have a very powerful presence. Depending on what your sun, moon, and rising sign are, the full moon will affect you differently.

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What Does Capricorn Represent?

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is known to be the archetype of drive, success, power, control, tenacity, conservation, ambition, and constancy.

A full moon in Capricorn highlights our relationship with these things, bringing us healthy versions of drive, power, and ambition while also bringing to light any unhealthy ambitions or power plays we have.

Where in your life you need to embody ambition and power depends on your horoscope.

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Your Full Moon In Capricorn 2022 Horoscope

Here’s your horoscope for the full moon in Capricorn this July 13th, 2022. Your rising sign will be the most accurate but check your sun and moon for a more detailed conclusion

My interpretation is…

  • The rising Sign horoscope is how it will affect you most on a zoomed-in scale. (How you would say this new moon impacted your short-term and right now)
  • Sun Sign horoscope is how it will affect you in the grand scheme of your life. (How you would say this new moon impacted you when you reflect later in the year)
  • Moon Sign is how it will affect your close life. (What’s going on in the matters closest to the heart)



Aries Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 10th House of Career, Profession, and Work.

Aries, do you get recognition in your career? With the Full Moon, you could be celebrating successes. Expect an increase in success or drive to succeed during this time. You may need to look at the work you do and reanalyze.

A cycle related to your reputation and career is coming to a culmination. Think about the big picture when it comes to your work. Where are you in your career journey? And where do you want to be heading?

Stay disciplined and set goals in the work you do. Make your job something you look forward to again.

Remind yourself of your successes, see how far you’ve come, and be patient.


Taurus Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 9th House of Philosophy, Travel, and Learning That Shapes Your Identity.

Taurus, look look at how far you’ve come in your learning journey! You’ve pursued higher education, deepened your human experience, and sought more knowledge. With this full moon, now is the time to put forth more effort to travel and experience something profound. You likely feel greatly supported by your fellow earth sign.

A cycle related to the learning that shapes who you are is coming to a culmination. Someone can feel like a teacher to you at this time and give you the wisdom you’ve been waiting for or you may act as a teacher right now. 

Stay disciplined and set goals to awaken your human experience, travel, and expand. 

The full moon in Capricorn asks you to travel, seek newness, and seek to be inspired by life. 


Gemini Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 8th House of Rebirth, Deep Desire, and Sexuality.

Gemini, during this full moon in Capricorn, it can feel like the sun is finally shining on your shadows and desires. You can see clearly what desires are yours and what desires come from society. And these realizations will re-inspire you to do shadow work and break free from your limitations.

A cycle related to your shadow side and relationships is coming to a culmination. Get into the nitty-gritty work, what do you need to do to overcome yourself and get what you want from others?

Stay disciplined and set goals to live in better alignment with your desires and liberate yourself from biased societal rules. 

Look at your relationship with power. Do you misuse your power?


Cancer Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon Your 7th House of 1-on-1 Relationships, Romantic + Career Partnerships

Cancer, this full moon happens in your opposite sign, you might feel a little uncomfortable with this energy but remember, this big-picture visionary energy isn’t here to here to harm you but to heal you. Specifically, heal your relationships with others. 

A cycle related to your one-on-one partnerships is coming to a culmination. It can be a great time for you to seek more in your partnerships! What do you need to do to improve your partnerships? Do you and your partner have shared goals?

Stay disciplined and set goals with your partner and for your partnerships during this time. See the success you’ve reached in your partnerships now.

Team up with someone and collaborate on something. Your partner can be dominating at this time but remember you can also take up space.


Leo Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 6th House of Routines, Stability, Wellness, and Self-Care

Leo, have you been struggling to stick with a routine that works for you? This full moon in Capricorn is giving you the boost you’ve been needing when it comes to what you do daily and why you do it. 

A cycle related to your stability and wellness is coming to a culmination. Serve others, do hard work, take care of yourself and your health. You may also be challenged to find a better balance between your time spent doing hard work and time spent enjoying life.

Stay disciplined and set goals to change your health and routine life. When it comes to how you live day in and day out, what’s the vision behind it all? What do you want it to fulfill? And what would your habitual life look like aligned with your truest desires?

Look at the things you’ve routinely done. Which have served you? Which haven’t?


Virgo Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 5th House of Play, Romance, Passion, Creativity, + Children

Virgo, your fellow earth sign, Capricorn is the guide for this full moon, you’re feeling an overflowing sense of drive and fulfillment in your romantic life!

A cycle related to your romance and play is coming to a culmination. Are you disciplined about making time for play? Or is it something you guilt yourself for? Maybe you’re not allowing yourself to be playful. Be ambitious and work for the things you want when it comes to your passion.

Stay disciplined and set goals to embrace more passion, creativity, and play in your life.

Have fun, set your energy towards the things that make you feel alive, the people, places, & things you adore, those that make you smile, and make an effort towards enjoyment.


Libra Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 4th House of Home, Roots, Family, Deep Emotions, Childhood + Motherly Qualities.

Libra, this full moon is expanding your family life! All the effort you’ve put into your family unit is paying off. You can have success now with family members and this may be something you’ve been waiting for.

A cycle related to your home and family is coming to a culmination. What are your goals do you have for your family?  You may have some important power dynamics to overcome in your home life. Awaken your self-value to live in an aligned home.

Stay disciplined and set goals in your home and family life. Embrace healthy authority within your home.

Acknowledge your need to ground yourself emotionally. Set boundaries in your household structure. Seek a deeper relationship with your own parents or family members.


Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 3rd House of Communication + Everyday Things/ People.

Scorpio, this full moon lunar in Capricorn is asking you to set better goals and work harder in your everyday interactions and everyday communications. Lessons, teaching, and learning are big themes right now, you can receive important information right now.

A cycle related to your neighbors and everyday communication is coming to a culmination. The things you’ve been working towards in your community are coming to you. Past connections may fall away if they no longer serve you and reliable connections will show their commitment to you.

Stay disciplined and set goals for your communication and everyday community.

Interact with your everyday environment, be unafraid to see things and people for who they are.


Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 2nd House of Wealth, Finances + Worthiness.

Sagittarius, you’ve been thinking a lot recently about how you can feel more valued and how valuable the work is you do. Now, you can be reaping these rewards and have more wealth find you right now. This can be a very good thing, you can start a new financial stream that will help you in the long run or you can be doing things that awaken your self-worth.

A cycle related to your wealth and worthiness is coming to a culmination. Remember that simply expanding your vision for what you would do if you had more money is enough to bring more money in.

Stay disciplined and set goals that make you work towards more abundance.

Celebrate and embrace the tangible side of life. Relish in the rewards and accomplishments that you have. Embody self-worth, enjoy your purpose, and be confident of what you have to offer.


Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 1st House of Identity, Appearance, And Self

Hello Capricorn!!! This Full Moon has you front and center. Have you had a vision to expand who you are? These goals will be reached now and you’ll feel a big sigh of relief when it comes to your identity.

A cycle related to your identity and appearance is now activated and coming to a culmination. The key is to own your perspective, and appearance, and bring the most authentic version of yourself to the table.

Stay disciplined and set goals to live a new reality, see yourself more clearly, and recognize who you want to be, this might take some effort for you to step into your true identity.

Own who you are, take up space, and tend to your appearance or solo plans.


Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 12th House of Subconscious, Patterns, And Karma

Aquarius, this full moon makes you feel like you need to draw within. In the words of Morpheus, you may feel a strong desire to “free your mind.” You’ll be surprised by how much you can break free of your subconscious when you set your conscious mind to it.

A cycle related to your subconscious fears and psychological patterns is coming to a culmination. You may have a realization and pull out some old beliefs. This may be challenging but doing so will drastically change your life.

Stay disciplined and set goals to create more liberation in your life by liberating your mind.

Realize how far you’ve come, and see how you’ve freed yourself from fear.


Pisces Full Moon Horoscope

Capricorn Full Moon In Your 11th House of Community, Friends, and Social Spheres

Pisces, this full moon is bringing your social life into focus. You may find yourself amongst ambitious people, you can have conversations with acquaintances that help you accomplish your goals.

A cycle related to your community is coming to a culmination. Things you’ve wanted in your friend circle may be finally entering your life. Remember to practice gratitude and remember all the hard work you put into achieving this.

Stay disciplined and set goals to have the social life you desire and achieve your big visions.

Connect with people who push you to be more than you thought you could be. Think about what “friends” means to you.

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Capricorn Full Moon Ritual

  • You’ll need this Lepidolite Tower, a pen, and paper.
  • Take a minute to write a list of past goals you’ve wanted to accomplish. Look at how many of them you have achieved.
  • On another piece of paper, write a list of things you want to do and the steps you’ll take to achieve them.
  • Fold and wrap this list over the lepidolite tower, charging the manifestation.
  • Place this list in your pocket and go for a walk/hike to a high vantage point. (A mountain, hill, tower, etc). Walk to a somewhat challenging vantage point.
  • Take the piece of paper out and write a checkmark on each of them. Stating that you have now accomplished them.
  • Soak in gratitude for your efforts.
  • Place the crystal back in your pocket and walk home.

Are you feeling the energy of the Capricorn Full Moon this July 2022? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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