Cancer New Moon 2022 Horoscope: Soften & Tune In

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Cancer New Moon Horoscope

On June 29th, 2022 at 2:52 am GMT, We have a New Moon occurring at 7° in Cancer. Find out all about the new moon here!

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The New Moon In Cancer

The new moon on June 29th, 2022 feels at home and comfortable in the sign of Cancer. We can expect a “clean slate” feeling when it comes to our emotional wellbeing, we can expect new beginnings in all things related to how we nurture and feel nurtured.

This new moon, happening at exactly 7°22’ in Cancer, invites us to be soft, and emotional, embrace sensitivity, listen to intuition, listen to our needs, and reciprocate the love we want to receive.

Cancer New Moon June 29th 2022
This 2022 Cancer New Moon is bringing nurturing and love.

Cancer New Moon Square Neptune RX In Pisces

During this new moon in Cancer, Neptune begins its retrograde motion through Pisces. Neptune retrograde Pisces forms a square aspect with the new moon in Cancer.

What this means for us is that we may feel some confusion when it comes to our desire for nurturing. The key is to remain accepting and neutral, is what you are feeling coming from your unconscious and negative beliefs? Or are your desires coming from a place of unconditional love and higher self?

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Cancer New Moon Square Jupiter In Aries

Jupiter entered Aries back in May, inspiring us to expand by being bold and brave. While this is an overall theme for us in this year, during the new moon in Cancer, we can feel a pause in this energy, being bold and brave may not make us feel expansive during this time. We will likely feel more rewarded for being vulnerable, caring, and emotionally in tune.

My interpretation is act with a intention to connect and take care of your emotional well-being, if emotional security requires you to step outside your comfort zone and be vulnerable, embrace the energies of Jupiter in Aries, leap, and have the bravery to show your soft side.

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Cancer + Feeling At “Home”

The new moon asks us to realize we are each radio towers, we can tune in to any frequency. Have you been hearing static? Shift your energy, and tune in to what you feel. This can be a potentially painful process. But by tuning in, things become clear and we can take aligned action.

The question to ask ourselves at this time is, what makes you feel emotionally in tune? What makes you feel at home? Who makes you feel at home? How can you embrace softness? Where in your life do you need more nurturing?

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In the end, this 2022 New Moon In Cancer wants us to tune in to our emotions and initiate new things that will bring more care and wholeness into our being.

Depending on what house it is happening in for you will determine where you will feel the need to practice emotional alignment.

Scroll down to discover your June 2022 Cancer New Moon Horoscope.

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What Is A New Moon?

New moons bring new beginnings. A new moon is when the Moon and Sun meet in the same position, making the moon invisible to the human eye. In astrology, the new moon is the start of a new cycle that lasts 2 weeks when we then have a full moon.

New moons are a great time to reset intentions and they have a very powerful presence. Depending on what your sun, moon, and rising sign are, the new moon will affect you differently.

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What Does Cancer Represent?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is known to be the archetype of the mother, gentility, sensitivity, tenacity, protectiveness, nurturing, and contemplative.

With a new moon in Cancer, we can expect more emotional sensitivity, heightened intuition, compassion, and a need for rest.

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Your New Moon In Cancer 2022 Horoscope

Here’s your horoscope for the Cancer New Moon this June 29th, 2022. Your rising sign will seem to be the most accurate but check your sun and moon for a more detailed conclusion

My interpretation is…

  • The rising Sign horoscope is how it will affect you most on a zoomed-in scale. (How you would say this new moon impacted your short-term and right now)
  • Sun Sign horoscope is how it will affect you in the grand scheme of your life. (How you would say this new moon impacted you when you reflect later in the year)
  • Moon Sign is how it will affect your close life. (What’s going on in the matters closest to the heart)



Aries New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 4th House of Home, Roots, Family, Deep Emotions, Childhood + Motherly Qualities

Aries, how has your family life been looking? It may be time to reset your family life. You’re craving a feeling of home and security during this time. Do you allow yourself to be soft? It can feel impossible to keep your sensitive feelings in around this time.

New beginnings in your family and home are coming to you. You may have some important opportunities to change your home life, allow yourself to be nurtured in your home, feel more at home, and break emotional patterns in your home.

Connect with people who feel like family. Open your home to those whom you love and need. Let yourself feel at home around the friends you love. Release anything from your childhood roots that have been holding you back from accepting nurturing.

Aries, think about what “family” and “home” mean to you, can home and family be more than blood relatives and a building?


Taurus New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 3rd House of Communication + Everyday Things/ People.

Taurus, your everyday environment is in focus right now. This new moon is in your house of neighbors, community, everyday places, and communication. During this time, you can start to feel closer to your community and have a deeper sense of trust among them.

New beginnings in your everyday environment and through people are coming to you. You may have some opportunities to nurture and be nurtured by the people in your community. You can feel a sense of connection with someone you didn’t expect to in your local environment. The place you live can feel more like home too.

Try following your heart/intuition/feelings for a day and see where it takes you. Go somewhere in your local area that makes you feel at ease, have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone.

What no longer serves your best interest in your everyday life? Tune out of the mindless chatter.


Gemini New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 2nd House of Wealth, Finances + Worthiness.

Gemini, think about the word “value.” What do you value? How do you value yourself? Is the work you do valuable? With this new moon in Cancer, the more you honor your emotions, the better you value yourself.

New beginnings in your finances and ways to own of worth will be coming to you. The key is to own how you want to feel. Does your bank account support your emotional well-being? It may not seem like the logical answer but the more you prioritize feeling good, the more the universe will send you the resources you need to do so.

Spend money on taking care of yourself. Take a break from the grind and focus for a day on feeling abundant. Help others, nurture others, take care of yourself and others.

Gemini, think about how you value yourself and imagine what a reality would look like, feel like, and sound like in which you felt worthy and honored yourself.


Cancer New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 1st House of Identity, Appearance, And Self

Hello Cancer!!! This new moon has you front and center. You can feel like you are reconnecting with your root identity now. The key to feeling like you know who you are is to feel. Move through life intuitively, and let yourself be unstructured in being.

New beginnings to embody your true self and shift your appearance will be coming to you.  Opportunities to be more of yourself are coming to you. Own your perspective, and appearance, and bring the most authentic version of yourself to the table.

Any parts of yourself that no longer feel authentic, ditch. Anyone who doesn’t make you feel accepted and loved for who you are, let go of it.

Cancer, change how you show up if it doesn’t feel authentic. There are so many parts of yourself you have yet to discover. Notice how you act differently around different people.


Leo New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 12th House of Subconscious, Patterns, And Karma

Cancer, the depths of your mind can feel strong right now. With this new moon in your 12th house, you’re probably craving silence. Any subconscious work you do at this time will be very impactful. You may feel like you are in an emotional crisis. Breathe through it.

New beginnings are coming to you through deep subconscious healing and reprogramming. If you’ve wanted to break free from a belief now you have opportunities to do so. What you feel and struggle with might not be truth, we create our reality, and recognizing the beliefs behind it is the key to liberation.

What programming, beliefs, and fears have you wanted to break free from? It’s time to try a new approach and it might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Leo, seek solitude to battle these demons, find somewhere you can be comfortable and undistracted.


Virgo New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 11th House of Community, Friends, and Social Spheres

Support is the theme of this new moon in Cancer, Virgo. Get ready to feel supported and supportive when it comes to your community. Right now is a great time for you to talk about your visions and network with people who are going to nurture your dreams. You can offer this nurturing in return as well. 

New beginnings in your social groups are coming to you during this time. Attract the right community by being caring and kind, don’t take this overboard and forgo your sense of self. Self-grounded service is your focus. 

Think about the people you want to surround yourself with and the role you want to play amongst them. Then look for opportunities to serve in the world around you. Join a club, volunteer, or start a group offering your knowledge, this will attract the network you are ready for. 


Libra New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 10th House of Career, Profession, and Work

Libra, does your work feel like an equal give and take? Or is it just draining you? Cultivate care into your career. Listen to your heart, does it demand to be more heard and supported in your job? Do you need to play this role more in your career? For every ounce of kindness you give, you’ll receive. 

New beginnings in your career are coming to you during this time. Honor your feelings, honor others’ feelings and you will be rewarded. Tell people what you do, be confident in what you do, and be open to conversations.

Take active steps towards making your work support your living more. You don’t need to live “the grind.” Also, think about how you can support the audience you serve and help them feel emotionally reconciled. 


Scorpio New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 9th House of Philosophy, Travel, and Learning That Shapes Your Identity.

Scorpio, you can feel a bit emotionally distraught if you stay in somewhere stifling. Feeling the need to get in the car and just drive? Go for it. With the Cancer new moon happening in your 9th house, travel can make you feel very whole and zen again. 

New beginnings in your life philosophy, understanding of the universe and its meaning, and learning that shapes your identity are coming to you. Seek out places that make you feel whole, this could be a new coffee shop, a spot by a river, or driving aimlessly into the night, whatever tunes you into yourself and out of mindless chatter.  

Connect to yourself by connecting to the world, Scorpio. You’ll feel a great sense of support and emotional calm by going to new places, interacting with new people, and expanding your horizons. 


Sagittarius New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 8th House of Rebirth, Deep Desire, and Sexuality

Sagittarius, you may feel that recently you’ve been chasing deeper connection and deeper meaning but can’t satiate yourself. It’s time for you to bring your heart back into the equation to find the feeling you’re searching for. With the new moon in Cancer, reflect on your desire for nurturance. What/who makes you feel nurtured? How do you feel nurtured?

New beginnings in your deep relationships and your relationship with desire are coming to you during this time. If you feel like your desires are calming down during this time, don’t panic, just fulfill what you desire now which might simply be a long hug and a heart-to-heart conversation. 

Do things that help you soften and support yourself. Talk with loved ones, practice compassion towards yourself, and embrace simplicity if it feels right. 

Sagittarius, think about what it is you want in your relationships and if there’s anything you can “clean out the closet” when it comes to your shadow side. What does “intimacy” mean to you?


Capricorn New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 7th House of 1-on-1 Relationships, Romantic + Career Partnerships

Capricorn, do you feel like you just want a solid partnership right now? With this Cancer new moon, you feel ready for love and commitment during this time. Open yourself up energetically to a close partnership.  Remember that connection takes trust, dare to show your vulnerability and watch how the right people reciprocate.  

New beginnings in your one-on-one partnerships are coming to you. You and your partner may decide it’s time to take the relationship to another level or you can support your business partner more at this time.  Someone could play a supportive role for you during this and you can play this role as well.

Seek out one-on-one connection, show your soft side, and allow yourself to be human. If you are in a relationship, see if you can take it deeper by having a heart-to-heart conversation. Talk with your business partner about how you can support each other more. 

Capricorn, collaborate with someone, spend time one-on-one who piques your curiosity, be open to new opportunities to connect and think about what you need to connect with someone. Is the person you want to connect with already present in your life? You might just need to open your eyes a bit more to see them.


Aquarius New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 6th House of Routines, Stability, Wellness, and Self-Care

Aquarius now is the ultimate time to catch up on self-care. You feel a need to emotionally support yourself again, to feel whole, to do things that make you feel good, to breathe, move slowly, rest, etc. Make time for your wellness and restructure your life to support your emotional well-being more. 

New beginnings in your health and routine life are coming to you. How can you find more emotional nurturing in your day-to-day life? If there’s something you’ve wanted to do differently with your routines and habits, now is the time to change them!

Add a habit to your self-care practice, make more time to just feel, take care of yourself this week, connect with people have a heart-to-heart talk, be kind, and give to others. 

Aquarius, think about what you want your life to look like in the tangible reality. How do you want to serve people and how do you want to serve yourself?


Pisces New Moon Horoscope

Cancer New Moon In Your 5th House of Play, Romance, Passion, Creativity, + Children

Pisces, love is in the air for you during this new moon. You can’t help but want to express all of it. Remember that you can only love others as much as you love yourself.  But overall, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet someone who you can connect deeply with!

New beginnings in your romantic life and creative expression and coming to you during this time. Let your feelings and your desire to care lead you. Pour your heart into a passion, and speak from your heart, of course, don’t take this advice overboard, remember to listen to intuition, only speak and express what is in alignment with your truth.  

Act from love and high-frequency emotions during this time.  Go on a date, play, do something you love, get creative.

Pisces, think about what role your heart plays in your ability to tap into play, romance, and fun every day. Are you limiting your experiences because you are afraid of being vulnerable?

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New Moon In Cancer Ritual

  • Bring a journal, a moonstone (this moonstone sphere is my favorite), and a pen.
  • Find a secluded body of water on a warm day. If the weather doesn’t permit, adjust this ritual as best as you can for the indoors.
  • Lay in the sun with your eyes closed and feel the warmth touch your skin, how does it feel to be warmed? Imagine that this sunlight holds all the nurturance, love, and support you need.
  • As you lay in the sun, think about your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. What new forms of love, connection, and support do you want to manifest in your life? Embody how you would feel with these in your life.
  • Write these manifestations down on small pieces of paper and hold them close to your heart, charging these intentions with your love.
  • Throw these pieces of paper into the water, and imagine the intentions being soaked into the body of water.
  • Now dive into the water, imagine yourself being cleansed, born anew, and charged with the frequency of your intention.

Are you feeling the energy of the Cancer New Moon this June 2022? Leave a comment below and let us know! Have a happy and harmonious new moon in Cancer.

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