Understand Your Big 3 + Mars, Venus & Mercury

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Dive Deep Into Your Big 3 plus…Communication, Love, & Action

Sun Sign

Your Sun sign is your core identity and ego self. What you see yourself as and how people who know you would describe you.

Moon Sign

Your moon sign is your emotions, how you express emotions, emotional patterns, & how intense of emotions you feel. Itโ€™s also how people close to us see us and where we find comfort.

Rising Sign

Also known as your first house and Ascendant (ASC), your rising is how people see you. Itโ€™s the Zodiac people would guess you are and itโ€™s your approach to life.

Venus Sign

Your Venus sign dictates love and
wealth, what makes you feel loved, how you show love, how you obtain wealth, what makes you feel wealthy, what makes you feel worthy, what feminine aspects you look for in other people

Mars Sign

Your mars sign is your action. It is where you express your masculine energy, how you take action, where you express physical energy. Mars can also be a good indicator to the work one should do.

Mercury Sign

Your mercury sign is how you think and communicate. It shows how youโ€™ll best learn, how appear in your communication, and what your brain
tends to focus on in the external reality.

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