15 Best Meditations For Teens

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Best Meditations For Teens

Want to know the best meditations for teens? Read this blog! These meditations are fun, engaging, and simple for teens to do on their own or guided through!

I started meditating at 15 and it changed my life so much! It taught me to be present, release my worries, be aware of my thoughts, be aware of my energy levels, notice my unhealthy behaviors, and be confident in myself. Sounds over the top a bit? It’s true though.

Why Is Meditation Good For Teens?

We have 3 divisions in our nervous system, sympathetic, parasympathetic, and enteric. In this blog on best meditations for teens, we’re just going to cover the first two because they play a huge role.

The Nervous System Plays A Huge Role
Our nervous systems keep us too nervous.
  • Sympathetic is our “fight or flight” brain. It keeps us highly aware of our surroundings and our body in moderate to high stress in case of a “survival scenario.” This is the nervous system state we run on for most of the day.
  • Then there is our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the state of mind that tells us we are allowed to rest, digest, sleep, and have low awareness of our surroundings.

The thing is though, in today’s society, we are staying in our sympathetic nervous system almost all the time!! We can’t get ourselves to rest and reach that parasympathetic “calm brain.”

As teens, we see this when we are laying wide awake in bed, unable to sleep even though we feel tired. Or when we feel constantly stressed even if there’s no reason to be. And in those times when we feel a heightened sensitivity to our surroundings and little noises make us frustrated. Or when we feel sick some days even though we technically aren’t. These are all because of our overactive sympathetic nervous system!

Teens Need Meditation
They do!!!!

Why is this relevant to the best meditations for teens? Because meditation activates our parasympathetic nervous system! Re-centering us in our “calm brain!”

And trust me, once you start meditation as a teen, you’ll feel the difference!

Now maybe you’ve tried to sit down and you felt so darn bored and unfocused. This is where this blog comes in. This blog will give you great direction in your meditation practice so you can feel happier, calmer, and well-rested.

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These meditations are fun and simple for you to practice at home and will make sitting for 10 minutes a day feel like a piece of cake. If you want a beginner’s guide to meditation for teens, click here.

Enjoy your practice!

15 Best Meditations For Teens

1. Thought Parade Meditation

This is one of the simplest meditations for teens. The point of meditation is to not get lost in your thoughts. So for this meditation, imagine your thoughts as a parade going by. Let the parade go by and notice if you start walking along with one section of the parade. Just notice your thoughts with curiosity and let them go by.

Thought Parade Meditation
Your thoughts are like a parade, just watch them go by.

2. METTA Meditation

Metta meditations are a great way for teens to feel more energetic, loving, and peaceful. Close your eyes, and bring your attention to yourself, send loving kindness to yourself. Then, think about one person you love, and send loving kindness to them. Next, send your love to someone you dislike, send loving kindness to them. This can be hard but it’s important to at least try. Finally, send your love to the entire world.

Check out my guided meditations for teens on my YouTube Channel!

3. Hot Cocoa/Tea Meditation

Having a cup of tea or hot chocolate is a fun tool for meditation. It helps us find somewhere to focus our attention when.

Make yourself tea or cocoa sit as you normally would for meditation and bring your awareness to how the mug feels in your hand. Now bring your attention to how it smells.

Next, bring your awareness to the taste as you take small sips. Notice how it feels as it goes into your belly and how it makes you feel on an emotional level. Finish your meditation with gratitude for your tea/cocoa.

Tea Meditation
Tea meditations are so fun!

4. Box Breath Meditation

Breathwork can help us tremendously in meditation. Practicing box breath is a simple way to make your meditations fun for teens!

To practice box breath, take a deep breath to start fresh. On your next inhale, breathe in for 4 seconds, hold at the top for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, and hold at the bottom for 4 seconds.

Repeat this pattern 4 times (or more). If 4 seconds feels too long, you can do this pattern for 3 or 2 seconds or if it’s too easy, you can do it for 5 or even 6 seconds! Just make sure the inhale, hold at the top, exhale, and hold at the bottom are all the same amounts of time.

Flying Meditation
This meditation is super calming

5. Flying Meditation

This is a very calming meditation for teens. Picture yourself flying over an ocean and across the globe. What can you see? Picture the weightless feeling. Imagine the calm and the freedom you feel.

6. Happiness Meditation

This is one of my favorite meditations for teens! It raises our energy and makes our minds feel better. Think of all the things that make you happy in life. From best friends to that first sip of coffee in the morning, think of all the things in life that bring you joy. You’ll feel so much better afterward.

7. Roots Meditation

Want a grounding meditation? This is a perfect meditation for teens to do! As you sit in meditation, feel the floor beneath you and picture yourself with imaginary roots that are growing down to the center of the earth, supporting you and keeping you safe.

Roots Meditation
Come back to your roots with this meditation for teens!

8. Expression Meditation

For this meditation, the first step is to play engaging instrumental music that inspires you. Listen to the music as you meditate and visualize expressing yourself in the truest way possible. Maybe you see yourself singing, dancing, playing an instrument, tumbling, the list could go on. It doesn’t matter what it is, just visualize expressing yourself.

9. Kosha Check-In Meditation

In yoga philosophy, The Koshas are the 5 layers of our being. checking in with each layer is a great meditation for teens!

Sit in meditation and bring awareness to your physical body (, the first kosha layer), how does it feel? Next become aware of your energy (, the second kosha), how does your energy feel? Now become aware of your emotions (a.k.a third kosha layer), how do you feel emotionally? Fourthly, be aware of your mind’s energy (our intellectual kosha), how does your mind feel? And finally, how at peace do you feel with life? (This is our blissful kosha). Each kosha layer can be its meditation!

10. Brain Dump Meditation

This is one of the many well-known meditations for teens to do but it is still a wonderful practice to utilize. Sit for meditation and gather up all your thoughts, once you have them all, take a deep breath in and release them.

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11. Aura Meditation

This is just like the energetic kosha layer but with a little creative, childish spin on it.

Imagine you have a bubble of energy surrounding your body. And this energy bubble has a unique color, and emotion in it. What color is your energy bubble? Is your energy happy, sad, energized?

How big is your energy bubble? And, most importantly, do you like how your energy bubble feels? If you don’t, that’s okay! We don’t judge ourselves in meditation, only notice.

Aura Meditation
What does your aura look like?

12. Self-Love + Identity Meditation

This is one of the most important meditations for teens to do. Sit to meditate and think of what the dream version of yourself would look like to other people.

Would you be seen as successful, strong, independent, beautiful, glowing, popular, etc? Think of all the things you are striving to be more of. Then let it all go. Think of all the things you already are. Think about what you love already about yourself and repeat the mantra “I am enough.”

13. Chakra Meditation

I love doing chakra meditations as a teen! The chakras, in yoga philosophy, are energy hubs along our spine that control different areas in our body, emotions, and other aspects of our being like creativity, expression, and a sense of safety. To do a chakra meditation. Check in with each of your chakra points and how they feel.

Chakra Healing Workbook

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  • Bring awareness to your tailbone and picture the color red. Do you feel safe, calm, grounded, and supported?
  • Next, focus on the area by your hips. Do you feel creative, emotionally aware, and worthy?
  • Now focus on your abdomen area and picture yellow. Do you feel confident, independent, self-assured, and ready to take action?
  • Fourthly, focus your awareness on your heart center and picture green. Do you feel loved, loved, compassionate, kind, and cared for?
  • Now focus on your throat and picture blue. Do you feel heard, expressive, and honest?
  • Next focus on the space between your eyebrows and picture indigo. Can you see your connection to the world, your connection to your dreams, and can you see where you are heading?
  • And finally, focus on the top of your head where a crown would sit and picture violet. Do you trust that things will work out and do you feel infatuated with life?
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14. Crystal Meditation

Crystals are a great thing to focus on in meditations for teens. Hold a crystal in your hand and focus your awareness on it and its meaning. My favorite crystals are blue lace agate, carnelian, opalite, and chevron amethyst. Check them out on my favorite, Consciousitems.com

15. Dream Day Meditation

My final meditation for teens! Picture what your dream day would look like. The point of this though isn’t so you think of all the things you want in your day, though that is part of it.

More so, the point is to picture the feeling you want to cultivate that would a day amazing and why those things would make your day perfect. How do you want to feel on your dream day? Get specific and stay away from words like happy, good, nice, etc.

Dream Day Meditation
Tell me your dream day in the comments below!

What do you want to do on your dream day and why? Would you need to challenge yourself in something for a day to be amazing? Do you need more people or less? Are the outdoors something you need? Do you need to be creative? Visualize what the dream day would be!

There you have it! Those are the 15 best meditations for teens! I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it helps you cultivate a meditation practice at home.

Make sure you check out our YouTube channel, Making Mindfulness Fun for our guided meditations. Do you want one of these meditation ideas to be guided?

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