10 Best Meditation Tools For Kids

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10 Best Meditation Tools For Kids

Looking to grow your child’s meditation practice? Here are the best meditation tools for kids. These meditation tools are fun and easy to use.

Meditation has become a common mindfulness practice for adults. We’re seeing how it helps us re-center, calm down, notice our thoughts, and become more mindful.

Now, we’re starting to see how it can help kids too. But chances are, you try to get a child to meditate and they won’t want to. They want to run around, play, and have fun!

Kids Need Meditation

Regardless, meditation is a very beneficial practice that helps kids develop emotional awareness, resiliency, patience, and confidence. So is there a way we can make meditation appealing to kids? We can, meditation tools are the key to making meditation easy and enjoyable for kids.

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation Tool
Meditation can and should be fun for kids!

Meditation Tools Make Meditation Fun For Kids

Your child’s meditation practice should be fun and it easily can be! All it takes is some good meditation tools.

Meditation tools are simple things to incorporate into your kid’s meditation practice that can make meditation feel more enjoyable and even make their practice more beneficial.

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10 Best Meditation Tools For Kids

Whether your child is new to meditation and you want to make this practice more appealing or if your child has been meditating for a while, here are some of my favorite meditation tools for kids that are simple, healing, and fun to use.

1. A Meditation Cushion 

Sitting on the floor for meditation can be uncomfortable for kids. A meditation cushion is a simple meditation tool that can make your child more comfortable to meditate and, in turn, enjoy their practice more.

Get this cozy meditation cushion by clicking here.

Meditation Tools For Kids Crystal Sound Bowl
The sound bowl is a great meditation tool!

2. A Crystal Sound Bowl 

Sound healing is a great thing to incorporate into your child’s meditation practice. Get you and your child a crystal sound bowl and incorporate it into your meditation practice. Keep in mind that crystal sound bowls are crystal and therefore, fragile.

I wouldn’t recommend this meditation tool if you have aggressive or younger kids who could easily break this. But still, crystal sound bowls are extremely powerful. I love this 12-inch Ohm crystal sound bowl.

3. A Tibetan Sound Bowl 

There are 2 kinds of sound bowls, crystal and Tibetan. While crystal sound bowls are made of crystal and are more delicate, Tibetan sound bowls are made of copper and metals which are much more child-safe.

A Tibetan sound bowl is a very simple meditation tool for kids to use and very enjoyable to listen to once understand the basics. See the (child-safe) sound bowl pictured above by clicking here on Shamans Market.

4. My 20-Day Kids Mindfulness Workbook

Don’t underestimate the power of prompts for a kids’ meditation practice. Sometimes, all a child needs to get into their meditation is a good prompt. My workbook has 20 days of min-meditations that you can use as tools to prompt your child’s meditation practice.

Click here to check out the workbook

Mindful Gifts For Kids Chakra Bracelet
A fun addition to a child’s closet and practice!

5. A Chakra Balancing Bracelet

A chakra balancing bracelet has one bead for each chakra each made of a corresponding crystal for each chakra. this can be a great meditation tool for anxious kids who need something physical to focus on while they sit in silence. Check out the one I got by clicking here.

6. Essential Oils + Diffuser

Aromatherapy is a powerful meditation tool for anybody! With a diffuser, kids get to pick any scent they want to use for their daily meditation or yoga practice.

And on a science note, by meditating on scents repeatedly, the brain will start to associate the state of mind they are in with the smell and it helps kids to fall into that meditative state with more ease when they release that scent again!

Get this super cool Himalayan salt crystal essential oil diffuser here.

Mindful Gifts For Kids
Crystals are great mindful gifts for kids!

7. Crystals 

Kids love crystals. Getting a selection of crystals is a cheap and easy meditation tool for kids. They enjoy getting to pick which one they will use for their meditation.  If you have younger children you may skip this one because they can be a choking hazard (depending on how small of crystals you purchase). See some of the crystals my favorite shop offers.

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Meditation Tools For Kids Steel Tongue Drum
Tati playing the Steel Tongue Drum.

8. Steel Tongue Drum 

I was very happy to get the steel tongue drum for Christmas and it’s amazing how beautiful it sounds. Sound healing is more powerful than we realize and it makes meditation feel special. If you have kids who you’re trying to get to meditate, this steel tongue drum is the perfect meditation tool for kids. It is so easy to play even a toddler could do it! Click here to hear what the drum sounds like on my Instagram.

Get The Steel Tongue Drum I Have By Clicking Here.

Click here to check out my Mindfulness for Kids playlist.

9. Tapping Solutions App

Known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapping is a powerful healing technique, especially for anxious kids!  EFT is a great addition to a kid’s meditation practice. Get the Tapping Solutions App for your child as a meditation tool

10. Nibble Chocolate

This may sound silly but truly, chocolate is a great meditation tool for kids! I do hot cocoa meditations or tea meditations by myself and with kids, it helps so much with enjoying a meditation. So get your child some artisan chocolate for meditating! Not only do kids enjoy it more but they are still becoming more mindful. Get your child some of my favorite chocolate by clicking here.

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Did I miss anything? What is your child’s favorite meditation tool? Comment it below! Thank you for reading.

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