Top 20 Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety

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Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety

How are affirmations beneficial for kids with anxiety anyhow? Let me tell you, the benefits it has are huge. In this blog, I’m sharing the top affirmations for kids with anxiety! These are the best affirmations for kids that will help them cope with anxiety, feel calm, and inspire their bravery!

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What Is An Affirmation?

Firstly, affirmations are also known as mantras! Either way, it’s simply a phrase that one repeatedly says or memorizes that can help someone affirm any belief!

How Are Affirmations Helpful For Kids With Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a hard struggle for kids. And it can sometimes be very hard to know what the right approach is to help them when their anxiety comes up. This is why affirmations are the perfect tool to utilize!

Affirmations will train your child’s brain to release their anxiety and believe more positive things instead.

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For affirmations to help your child with their anxiety, you have to find an affirmation that they feel rings true to them. And we also have to make sure that their affirmation applies to what they truly need.

It’s just like how some kids respond well to being reminded to “breathe” when they are stressed and some just scream louder 🙃 . In this blog, I’ve taken the 100’s of anxiety mantras that are discoverable via the internet and narrowed the list down to the top 20 affirmations for kids with anxiety. Happy reading!

Top Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety
Help kids feel less stressed with these affirmations!

Top 20 Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety

“I am safely grounded to the earth beneath me”

Grounding mantras are super important for kids. It grounds them in the present and teaches them to be aware of how they feel physically.  

“I embrace any discomfort”

If you have a child who has trouble challenging themselves, remind them of this mantra. They are capable of enduring any discomfort if they embrace it!

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“I am one with my breath”

This is a simple but effective mantra for kids who struggle to stay in the present or get easily anxious. becoming aware of the breath is the simplest way to re-ground yourself in the present.

“I am endlessly courageous” 

A great mantra for anxious kids who find it hard to be brave in everyday life.

Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety
You are so loved!

“I am important”

A reminder for kids that they are valued, they are loved, and they are seen. 

“I have a home within” 

Our first and foremost home is within us. Use this mantra to help your kids feel grounded in any uncertainty or uncomfortable scenarios. 

Kids Anxiety Affirmations
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“I am loved no matter what”

Love-affirming mantras are super important for kids with anxiety. It helps them be present and reminds them that they will never be abandoned.  

“I am safe and secure”

If you have a young child who has trouble anxiety, remind them of this mantra. It’s super simple and easy to remember.

Affirmations For Kids With Anxiety
It’s no joke that the ENTIRE universe is supporting you!

“The entire universe is supporting me”

Have kids picture the entire world and the sky above them like a warm blanket that is always there for them no matter what as they repeat this affirmation.

“I am helpful. I am doing enough for others” 

The source of some kid’s anxiety is the stress of others. Specifically their parents. This affirmation will help kids with anxiety and remind them that they are enough.

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“Everything always turns out okay”

This affirmation for kids with anxiety will help them when times of stress or conflict come up. Reminding them that everything will always be okay.

“I am a strong source of power and can do anything” 

Use this mantra to help your kids remember their strength when they get anxious about pushing themselves or doing something hard.

Do this mindfulness activity with your kids to release their anxiety!

“Failure is okay”

If a child has trouble with losing or gets anxious at the thought of failing. Use this affirmation to soothe kid’s anxiety.

“I am calm like a river and follow the flow”

This mantra is a favorite by my students. This is a mantra that inspires kids to relax, be calm, and just see where things go rather than worry.

Affirmations For Kids With anxiety
A reminder to just be present.

“I am here”

Grounding mantras are the simplest form of affirmations for kids with anxiety. It brings them to the present and teaches them to be aware of when their anxiety is sabotaging them.  

“I choose bravery today” 

This affirmation is great for anxious kids who find it hard to be brave in everyday life.

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“Whatever I do, I do it with my whole heart”

This affirmation helps kids with anxiety to open their hearts and remember that anxiety doesn’t serve them in whatever they do.

“Everything I need, I already have.”

This and the following 2 affirmations for kids with anxiety come from a TikTok that trended on Instagram. But they are good affirmations!

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Everything I desire, I will receive. Because my reality is created by me” 

Remind your kids that they can have anything that they want in life because they create their reality and they are responsible for their own happiness.

Affirmations For Kids Anxiety
Be happy, peaceful, and free!

“I am happy, I am peaceful, I am free.”

This is the simple version of a popular Sanskrit mantra that is “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bavantu.” A perfect affirmation for kids with anxiety and great during meditation.

There you have it! 20 affirmations for your kids! Read the list of mantras out to your child and see which one they like. Remember, for the mantra to work it has to ring true to them!

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Where Should I Put My Child’s Affirmation?

Make sure you put their mantra somewhere they will need it the most. Some common places are to write it on a sticky note and stick it to a mirror, in their school binder, on a bookmark, or a coloring that hangs up in their room!

Thanks for reading!

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