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Gift Ideas For Enneagram Lovers
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I’m Isabelle!

Co-founder and writer here at Making Mindfulness Fun. I’m here to teach you to understand your unique personality type and practice mindfulness in fun and simplified ways.

Can’t wait to grow and share with you.

Meet robyn

Empowerment, Intention & Health

Robyn doesn’t take any sh*t. She’s here to to make your goals happen fast and break through any barriers in your health, relationships, and mindset.

She uses the chakras and power of intention to help you define the right goals and keep you on track towards living the life you desire.

Robyn Robledo, Empowerment coach, mindset, self empowerment, Making Mindfulness Fun

Meet Gabi

Philosopher & Educator

Gabi helps you break self defeating thought patterns & mindset biases by teaching complicated theories, quantum science, & philosophical teachings in easy to understand ways so that you can rewire your mind to attract abundance.

Gabi also uses numerology to help you live your purpose & encourages everyone to chase flow state in order to maintain a higher frequency existence.

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