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Enneagram Wing Comparison Series

Do you know what your enneagram wing is? The wings don’t change your core desire but they change your behavior and what you need in your everyday environment! Watch this playlist to find your wing now!

MBTI Mindfulness Playlist

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is about more than just the 4 letters that signify your archetype. In fact, if you think those 4 letters mean anything, you’ve got MBTI all wrong. Watch this playlist to mindfulness with the 8 different cognitive functions.

Signs of Blocked Chakras

When your chakras are blocked, it plays a massive role in our health and happiness. Watch these videos to find out which of your 7 chakras are blocked and how to heal.

Energy Fields & Mindfulness

What are the 5 Koshas? The koshas stem from one of the ancient Upanishads. The koshas are known as the layers of our being that help us uncover who we truly are. This video will help you find out why these energy layers must be nurtured.

Enneagram Meditations

Do a guided meditation that was designed specifically for your enneagram type! Isabelle guides you through a unique visualization and instrumentals made to help you heal your enneagram and break free from your childhood wounds.

Get Started With Kids Mindfulness

See my Kids Mindfulness Exercises on YouTube …

and check out my blogs on kids mindfulness for resources, tips, and guides.

Eliminate Stress + Anxiety As A Teen

Get my 20 day mindfulness for
teens workbook for free!

From there, head over to Youtube for guided mindfulness for teens or read the blog for mindfulness activities, anxiety tips, and stress reduction.

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